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Online v/s Offline

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

With the onset of a Pandemic, we have become accustomed to online classes and now going to a class to study seems like a nightmare. However, the pandemic being temporary and the return to normalcy, raises the most popular question of all times, what is better: online classes or offline classes?

Being someone who has only taken offline classes, I would encourage taking classes online, and here's why-

1. Saves time and money spent on traveling: Every hour is valuable and the time spent on traveling is not just wasteful but also tiresome.

2. You can take classes from the best faculty and are not bound by those living nearby: This is the biggest advantage of online classes and this in itself should be enough to make a decision regarding what mode of classes to choose.

3. You don't miss out on lectures because there is no absenteeism. In case of ill health, family obligations, or a birthday, classes are often missed which causes aback in your offline classes but that handicap is solved in online classes.

4. No restricted hours: Many students have time to study when they are most efficient and by taking online classes they can study at a time that is best suitable for them

5. Doubt solving is more efficient: More than often, people believe that doubt solving is better in a face to face classes but this is not true at all. In a class of 400 students, it is very hard to ask your doubts but having the provision of WhatsApp or telegram, the student is able to solve doubts. Most teachers revert in a day or two and this way, you also have a record of all your doubts in case of future references

6. Multiple views allow you to watch a difficult topic again, something you can't do in the case of offline classes

7. Distractions are minimized: Friends and environment in an offline class can be distracting in the form of peer pressures or chatting amongst friends and also due to other students creating chaos which is not present in the case of online classes.

8. Creating your own schedule: The student is free to study the subjects according to their pace and desire.

However, the following cons are present in online classes-

1. No networking: Students are secluded and don't know better since they are not able to make friends pursuing the same course as theirs. This is of utmost importance since important guidelines, references, guidance, and help are not available to students sitting at home. They only rely on youtube videos and telegram messages and can't really discuss their problems.

2. Lack of discipline: More than often, students lack discipline and are not able to finish their classes on time which is not present in the case of offline classes where teachers finish their classes on time

3. Regular Tests: Offline teachers take regular tests which is very important, something missing in online classes. However, some teachers and institutes are solving this handicap and can be consulted if tests are a deciding factor for you

4. Designated time to study: Because of offline classes, students have to study at that time and the fear of missing lectures leads to avoidance of absenteeism. In the case of insincere students, this helps since they have to study. But on the contrary opinion, someone who is insincere won't even study in offline classes.

5. No break from monotony: Students who sit at home all day start to become bored and their only escape is social media or television which can take up a lot of time. When students go out, they get a break and they are rather refreshed after classes.

6. No studying place: Many times, students don't have the right environment to study at home.

The use of the internet has made it possible to get the best of services at home and in this author's opinion, even though online classes have so many cons, they are the best way to take classes. A hybrid form of studying is also suitable which can be adopted in case a top-notch faculty lives nearby and the rest classes can be taken online. In this way, the student is able to enjoy the pros of both online and offline classes!

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