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A Student-Run Platform, Aspire is a Student Help Book, providing with everything one would need to help in their journey of pursuing CA, CS, CFA, CMA, CPA & FRM.

To create a platform where all resources required by a student in their journey of becoming a commerce/finance professional.

We provide information, resources and help to aspirants. Our services include, but are not restricted to, providing list of teachers, papers, revision lectures, scholarships, informative webinars, mentorship programs.




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Be a Mentor!

Having faced all the challenges of being an aspirant, don’t just keep your knowledge to yourself and help others benefit from it. Help your peers going through the journey of an Aspirant by being a mentor today!

Intern with us!

Get the first hand experience of working on website development while building a professional network. Be an intern with us, in any field of your choice!

Advertise with us!

The website is for Aspirants and by Aspirants, is the perfect place for you to advertise. With an expanding reach and economical prices, advertise with us today!


one-on-one mentorship




Some problems are such that can only be understood by people your age or people who fall within the same age bracket. We all go to our teachers for guidance but how convenient would it be to constantly have a person who has recently been through the journey that you're currently going through. The purpose of our One-on-One mentorship program is to connect you with people who have the specific knowledge to help you with your day to day CA ,CFA & CS related problems and help you move up your career ladder.

Knowledge sessions for aspirants can be a valuable service provided by various organizations, educational institutions, and professionals to help individuals gain knowledge and skills in their desired fields. These sessions can take many forms, such as online classes, workshops, webinars, or seminars.

Aspire provide knowledge sessions for aspirants to help them develop their skills and knowledge.. Professionals at Aspire provide training sessions for members to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in their field.

Not only do we help in your exam preparation by providing the necessary resources, but we also equip you with the required knowledge and skills to enter the corporate world by organising various webinars. These webinars are conducted by industry professionals with over 20 years of experience and help you with the most frequently faced problems by CA ,CFA & CS Aspirants in their journey.



As part of its mentorship program, Aspire provides newsletter to its subscribers that offers information on career development, job search strategies, and tips on building a successful career. The newsletter may also provide updates on Aspire's mentorship program, including success stories of previous mentees, upcoming events and opportunities, and resources to help students achieve their goals. By providing a regular newsletter, Aspire can offer ongoing support and guidance to its subscribers and help them navigate the challenges of building a successful career.

We at Aspire offers various services to help aspirants manage their studies including podcast. 

The podcast covers a range of topics, including marketing, sales, leadership, finance, and more. It features interviews with successful people working and industry experts, who share their experiences and expertise to help listeners in their journey.

Aspire's podcast is available on major video platform Youtube and is free to listen to. It's a valuable resource for anyone looking to start or have started their journey, and is a great example of the types of services that Aspire provides to help them succeed.



Study papers mock papers

revision LINKS

We aspire to provide you with an unbiased List of Teachers so that you don't have to depend solely on the recommendations of your friends or scratch your head trying to google the names of teachers.

 We neither give any guarantee nor do we promote any teacher. The list is not exhaustive and the prices might differ.

Our platform provides you with the link to the teacher's website, their contact details and the various modes their classes are available in.

The list will not only give you the names of the teachers, but also help in deciding the teachers on the basis of price range most comfortable to you.

By reviewing the teachers, you share and guide others in making a wise decision regarding their choice of teacher.

What you study on the very last day is what you retain the most. Importance of revision is crucial and equally confusing. However, some very capable teachers make it super easy for us to revise and we not only appreciate their efforts but also want to make it available to all of you. We provide you with Youtube lectures we find very helpful for the last day.

We know that these papers are available at various websites and needless to say, we downloaded it from there too! If we were providing all resources, we thought of making this a comprehensive site so that you don't have to visit anywhere else.

Solving papers is of utmost importance and hence, we have included that in our student help book. More than often, questions from past papers, MTPs and RTPs are asked and hence we provide all papers to go through once before the D-day.

If you have exhausted all the paper solving, then we would suggest visiting the links to various mock test series and start solving them.



Aspire also organizes quiz for its students, providing a fun and engaging way for students to test their knowledge and learn new skills. The quiz cover topics related to career development, different opportunities, and related to specific courses, among others. By participating in the quiz, students can expand their knowledge and compete with their peers while also having the chance to win prizes or other incentives. Overall, the quiz organized by Aspire can help to promote learning, engagement, and community among its students.

Whether you would like to gain some knowledge, know about experiences of CA ,CFA & CS Aspirants or the latest updates by Institute, our blog writers cover them all. We do not want to complicate things more for you and thus, we write our blogs in a simplistic manner for you to get your answers readily. Head to our blog to know the solutions to some of the most frequently faced problems by Aspirants.​​

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