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CMA Intermediate Level

First step done, it's time to buckle up and get ready for the next step. CMA Intermediate comes with several doubts, several questions: to go for both groups or not, which teachers to select, where can we go for articleship & many more!Don't worry, we have an answer for all your doubts

Select the best teacher


Mohit Agarwal classes

Phone no.: 9830741471

 Rs. 24853

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Satish Jalan Classes

Phone no.: 3340593800

Rs. 58100

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Akash Agarwal Classes

Phone no.: 7378327096


Rs. 24999

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Suraj Agarwal Classes

Phone no.: 8527230445

Rs. 27849

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Test your preparation


Standard material cost for manufacturing 1000 units of an output is 400 Kgs of material at Rs. 2.50 per kg. When 2000 units are produced, it is found that actual consumption was of 825 kgs material at a price of Rs. 2.70 per kg.

A) Rs. 67.50 Favourable

B) Rs. 67.50 Adverse

C) Rs. 62.5 Favourable

D) Rs. 62.5 Adverse


A manufacturing enterprise monthly consumes 1350 units of raw material at the cost of Rs. 2400 and carrying cost of inventory being 30 percent of the price paid


A) 36000 units

B) 2400 units

C) 4800 units

D) 2700 units


Management Accounting is a 

A)  Post mortem duty

B) Accounting for future

C) Accounting for today

D) Reflects the position of a business in its entirety


From the following information about a firm, what will be the contribution to sales (c/s)ratio and the profit ?

Sales = Rs. 100000

Fixed cost = Rs. 20000

Break-even-point = Rs. 40000

A)  C/S= 25% and Profit = Rs. 60000

B) C/S = 50 % and Profit = Rs. 60000

C) C/S = 50% and Profit = Rs. 30000

D) C/S = 60% and Profit = Rs. 30000

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