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Does Number of Attempts Matter?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021


CA is one of the most challenging courses in the country with the passing rate in the last few years never rising above 50% in any of the 3 levels and falling to as low as 2%. Yet, there are thousands of students registering and appearing for the exams every 6 months.

Does the number of attempts matter?

For some companies the number of attempts matter and for some of the companies it does not matter, therefore it depends on the company’s point of view and their perspective of selection. Candidates passing in the first attempt get privileges. From the point of view of having the first few jobs or years of profession, attempts do matter a lot because whichever company you are going to step into would judge you in respect of your academic knowledge as you don't have much experience by then. In a world full of competition, clearing CA finals exam in the first attempt provides a competitive edge over other candidates.


It also depends upon the circumstances.

When is the answer Yes?

  • Campus Interviews- At Campus interviews, a lot of companies including Big 4 require both groups to be passed in a maximum 2 attempts. Some corporates even require a regular college degree in addition to the requirement of clearing CA in the first attempt.

When is the answer No?

  • Articleship not to be in Big 4- When you don't want to do articleship in Big 4 then number of attempts do not matters. When you are not planning on a hectic life at Big 4s, and those corporates who still think that clearing CA in first attempt makes you the most intelligent CA around


Apart from all this, the greatest issue to be noted is that with each failed shot at the exams, the level of confidence and your self-belief will take a beating. Add to that the increasing age and many will opt-out. So try to clear as early as possible. Never give up. Always remember:-


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