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Selecting teachers and classes

How to select the right teacher?

We need to realize that everything that needs to be perfect, requires proper research. As far as the research regarding the numerous teachers available in the industry is considered, we have done that for you. But for the rest, the following are important points to remember:

  • You should always consider the recommendations of your friends and family. They not only instill a level of trust in you but also help you with your personal opinion.

  • Always read the google or website reviews before finalizing the teacher.

  • It is important to take the demo classes of a teacher first. It familiarises you with the teaching style of the teacher and how vividly are you able to understand the concept. If demo classes aren’t provided by any teacher, check out their videos on YouTube.

  • Don’t forget to check the prices of the teacher. Having a good teacher is imperative, but the prices being within your budget is an important factor to consider.

How to study?

As soon as you’ve made the decision of choosing the right teacher, keep in mind the following points while making your schedule to study:
  • At least buy 2 teachers together and start studying 2 subjects simultaneously. But do not overburden yourself and take at most 4 lectures at once.

  • If you get stuck at some point, do not keep repeating the same videos as you need to remember that you have to finish your classes within a limited time frame.

  • Only watching the videos of teachers is never sufficient. Keep making your own notes with every class to get a better grip of the subject.

  • Revising simultaneously is equally important. Do not move on to the next class until you have revised the previous one.

  • Most teachers teach at a slower pace. Therefore to quickly get done with your classes, increase the speed of videos to 1.25x or 1.5x.

  • Some theory subjects are comparatively easy. For those, you can rely on YouTube videos of teachers.

When to buy the classes?

  • Keep in mind that you should buy your classes only after you have made a proper schedule as to which subject you want to study first and which one later.

  • As soon as you get the result of the previous level that you clear, you should buy your classes for the next level within a week. We believe that we have a lot of time, but no time is enough for a CA, which is why it is important to start at the earliest.

  • We suggest you not to buy all the classes at once, i.e., do not buy them in bulk. This is because most teachers have a limited time period of 3 months or 6 months and it is not possible to complete the classes of all subjects at once within this limited period.


  • If you are a CA Student and have taken classes from any of the teachers mentioned in our list, we request you to kindly review them on our website.

  • If the reviews are bad, it helps the future of a potential CA by letting them know at an earlier stage. If the reviews are good, it helps another CA student fall in love with his/her subject.

  • Whatever your opinion may be, we request you to kindly submit your review here.

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