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New to the world of Financial Resource Manager? Feeling lost about what teachers to choose? Feeling confused about how to study? Feeling anxious about writing the exam? Feeling unaware about your next time? Don't worry! We, at Aspire, have curated a list of resources you would want in your journey of conquering first step to becoming a FRM.

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Consider your knowledge of stress testing and determine which of the following are most likely correct with respect to this financial tool:

i) Stress testing is considered to be very objective

ii) Stress testing is unable to compliment Value-at-Risk computations

iii) Having more scenarios presented will better aid in understanding a portfolio’s risk exposures


A) i only

B) ii only

C) iii only

D) i and ii only

E) i and iii only

F) ii and iii only

G) i, ii and iii

H) None of the above


Consider your knowledge of Value-at-Risk ( VaR ) and select the statements that are most likely true.

i) Value-at-Risk will increase once holdings periods become longer

ii) Value-at-Risk will decrease once probability levels become lower

iii) Value-at-Risk cannot be calculated by using the historical returns of a portfolio


A) i only

B) ii only

C) iii only

D) i and ii only

E) i and iii only

F) ii and iii only

G) i, ii and iii

H) None of the above


From the following given options, determine those that may be classified as ‘ linear ‘ or even ‘ near linear ‘.

i) Swaps

ii) Forwards

iii) Futures

iv) Options


Determine which of the following options below may be considered as reasons for causing a yield curve to slope upwards.

i) Expectations of higher inflation rates

ii) Expectations of higher interest rates

iii) Expectations of improving outlook for credit risk

iv) Investors favoring maturities with short terms


A) i and ii only

B) i and iii only

C) i, ii and iii only

D) i, ii and iv only

E) i, iii and iv only

F) ii, iii and iv only

G) i, ii, iii and iv


When valuing a call option using the binomial model, an increase in the probability that the underlying will go up most likely implies that the current price of the call option:

A. increases.    B. remains unchanged.   C. decreases.

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