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IT and OC Trainings

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

IT Skill and Soft Skills play a significant role in one’s career considering the fact that one does not only need to update oneself to the latest technology but also needs soft skills to make sure one can build relationships easily, create trust and lead teams.

This is probably why ICAI has introduced two courses:-

  • Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills(ICITSS)

  • Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Sift Skills(AICTSS)

After having given an intermediate examination, ITT and OC training are the next steps towards your CA Journey. This article would shed light on the importance of these pieces of training in your career.

Basic Introduction of ICITSS

This is a course that combines both information technology and soft skills. Each course lasts for 15 days.

You’ll have to register separately for each course

You can log in at any of the two online portals:

Who can enroll?

ICITSS is open to all candidates who have passed CA Foundation or have taken a direct entry to the Chartered Accountancy Course. You’ll have to complete this course before 15 days of registering for Articleship training.

What will you learn ?

Information Technology

  • Computer Fundamentals

  • MS Word

  • MS Excel

  • MS Powerpoint

  • Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques using IDEA Audit Software

  • Accounting Package like Tally ERP

Orientation Course

  • Learn about how to develop soft skills

  • Know about public speaking and how to overcome fear associated with it

  • Opportunity to speak on topics assigned

  • Time Management

  • How to overcome procrastination?

  • Requisites for Effective Presentation

  • Understanding Industry Cases and drawing inferences for Effective Decision

  • Working on Project Report

  • Office Etiquettes

Setting aside the syllabus proposed by ICAI, this training would assure you with wholesome knowledge provided you take them seriously.


What should be your approach?

Get rid of your preconceived notion about these training

Don’t be under impression that this course is only a compulsion before you start with your articleship. This course can add significant value if you wish so.

If you are not familiar with Microsoft Office , this is definitely a good opportunity for you to learn from someone who has had several years of experience in the IT industry.

Even if you are familiar with the basics of excel, this is the opportunity for you to upgrade your knowledge to another level

Guide on Group Discussion

Talking about my experience, I have got to learn what should be one’s approach while appearing for a group discussion round.

We have had several group discussion rounds where we learned the importance of initiating rounds, body language, listening skills, and how you interrupt others without being aggressive.


These pieces of training give you an opportunity to build a network living in different places across a city.

Virtual Training despite having many cons can help you add networks from different states across the country.

Make sure you practice questions given on excel and IDEA Software. These tools are used in every articleship firm regardless of the fact whether it is Big 4 or mid-sized firm

Presentation Skills

During your IT and OC training, you get to know from your mentor public speaking skills and how to make an effective presentation.

You will encounter some of your peers being so clear in conveying their thought process and this would definitely induce you to improve how to make a conversation with someone.

Can be a kickoff for introvert CA Candidates

Being an introvert and somebody who doesn’t express so much with others, I felt so confident when I performed well in my project and I had been appreciated for my IT Skills.

This could be a starting point for somebody like me to fly their wings by avoiding a sense of self-doubt and FOMO.


Summing up the whole article, I can assure you that you are going to enjoy your 30 days of your training and can help you develop a different perception about your career and enable you to develop good soft skills provided you do not consider it only compulsory training before commencing your articleship

Did you like the blog? Do let us know in the comment box what has been your experience and what you resonate with my experience.

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