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Resume for Articleship

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Ever wondered what a Big 4 recruiter wants from your resume? How to present yourself for better chances of selection?

Let’s lookout for a perfect answer.

The resume is the key to pitch your prospective employer by summarizing all your accomplishments into a page or two giving a glimpse to the recruiter on skill-sets for the desired profile. It is the most phenomenal phase of life when you recollect your achievements to date and summarize them all into one page for the first time.

After you have cleared your Intermediate Group 1 exams, you become eligible to undergo articleship under a practicing-chartered accountant, be it for direct entry students or foundation entry students.

One needs to tailor his resume keeping in hindsight the following basics –


  1. Make sure it is one-pager, by writing only relevant pointers for each role you served.

  2. Highlight your achievements as follows –

    1. Mention about academic achievements be it school topper, AIRs, or just a top performer

    2. Give the details of societies led, internships, memberships if any in college

    3. Write about your relevant interests such as research in legal aspects with government, stock trader/investor

  3. Be sure to mention initiatives taken such as a blog, channel, podcasts, if any

  4. Use bullet points for any briefing about your contribution done to make it reader-friendly.

  5. Use impactful, quantifying words and symbols. E.g.

    1. Saved a conglomerate from levy of tax and penalty by Rs. ___ Crores

    2. Audited a fortune 500 company with a turnover of US$ __

  6. Use strong action verbs like engaged, led, interacted, addressed, performed, budgeted, etc.

  7. Make sure to use BOLD keywords in your resume


  1. Never make it dull/irrelevant – Remove the clutter/filling words

  2. Don’t make it look all white or all black – even an entry-level job applicant can write at least a full-page

  3. Try not to mention all personal details like full address/mobile number – City name, email, and candidate name is enough

Now what a recruiter does?

They are typically experts in scanning the job profiles through resume scanning technology (ATS) and selecting the cream out of the best. They look for all the above in just 30 seconds or so and decide on whether the applicant is mature enough from the rest of the candidates. So, just follow the basics, and the job interview invite will surely land in your Inbox.

Want to see a sample resume of a CA Finalist?

Refer to the link below to see the writer’s resume (worked for GT, resume selected in Big 4)

Do give your comments for same. 😊

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Keshav Gupta
Keshav Gupta

Well written!!

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