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Both Groups or Not?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Should I give one group or both groups? This is the most common question that every CA student has asked themselves before preparing for their exams.

What is the best option? Should we try one group at a time or attempt both groups? For this, there is no right answer and it only depends on the situation you are in.

· If you have sufficient time and you are willing to sit for both groups, then you must.

· If you don’t have sufficient time and are still willing to put in that extra effort to give both groups, then again you definitely should.

· Ultimately your success lies in your hand. If you are determined to go for both groups, then you should. Never do what others are doing. The decision is yours.

Some of the advantages that I feel giving both groups has over a single group:

Your 6 months will be saved

If you give your groups separately, you will invariably be late in appearing for your CA final exam. This is not in your best interest as it prolongs the time taken to complete your chartered accountancy, and since you would not prefer that, it is better to opt for both groups instead of 1.

Chances of set off exists

As you know you need 50% of the maximum marks you will be attempting to clear the exam. If you give two groups you will have to score 350/700. Many regard this to be an advantage.

Many CA firm prefers both group candidates for articleship

This is no secret, various reputed and well established firms (Big 4 and Big 10) prefer that you join only after clearing both groups as they do not find giving leaves to articles very favourable. They always prefer that students have cleared both groups. Also this is an added point in your CV.

Chances of getting a rank (Top 50)

If you are a student of calibre, and are planning to score an AIR then you have no other choice but to appear for both groups together, here I would also like to clarify that it is not very difficult an aim and acts as a motivation. If you aim for a rank and prepare accordingly, you will most definitely clear both groups in one shot.

Faster completion of the course.

If you appear for both groups together at both the final and the intermediate level and clear them accordingly, you save one year of your life and thus you can begin your practice or job, whichever you plan to, and thus it ensures you climb the ladders to your corporate goal faster.

Some students are giving both groups just because of the possibility of set-off. They are not well prepared for all eight subjects and this is a very dangerous situation as setting off only works if you score at least 40. So, it's better to give the group-wise exam.

If you are not confident in at least 6 of the 8 subjects then I would suggest don’t go for both groups. There is no point in going into exams without confidence as you may end up not clearing either of the groups. If you are well prepared for one group and know nothing of 2 or 3 subjects of another group then, in my opinion, don't give both groups as you may not pass in that one group also which you had prepared 100% just by dividing your focus into those 2 or 3 subjects.

Giving 1 by 1 group is also not a bad option. I would say it's a good option rather than failing in both groups and giving another attempt. At least you will be relaxed as you don't have to study the group again and focus on another group easily. After the first group you can join articleship and your final attempt will still be on time. Thus, don’t stress too much about clearing both only.

Also, there are a lot of advantages in giving single group too:

  1. There is more concentration on a single group rather than giving both groups.

  2. If you are completing your degree, it's an advantage because then you can cope up with both studies.

  3. There is a high probability of clearing a single group easily.

  4. You have more time and efficiency to study for a single group.

So, sit for a minute and analyze your situation. If you are well prepared for both groups give it and if you are not then give group-wise. But don't let anyone change your mind by just telling you that you have to give both groups. Just understand, this is your situation and only you have to deal with it.

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