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CA Foundation Teachers

If we believe that education and learning is the core of becoming a Chartered Accountant, then good teacher selection is an absolutely indispensable part of clearing our exams. A good teacher will not only explain the concepts in a clear and crisp manner, but will also make you fall in love with the subject. We will tell you the points to keep in mind while making your schedule and selecting the right teachers.

List Of Subjects

P1: Principles and Practice of Accounting
P2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting
P3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics
P4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

List of Combos

P1: Pankaj Goel
P2: Niti Taheem and Bhavya Ahuja
P3: Kailash Thakur
P4: Ram Ahuja and Himanshu Shrivastava
Contact No.: 011 48006677
Pen Drive: NA
Google Drive: Rs. 17,000
P1: Jitin Tyagi
P2: Saurabh Jain
P3: Harish Arora
P4: Sonika Thareja
Contact No.: 9811719282
Pen Drive: NA
Google Drive: Rs. 12,000
P1: Rohit Sethi
P2: Rishab Gaur & Puja Shree Agarwal
P3: Omveer Singh
P4: Neha Agarwal
Contact No.: 011 61355900
Pen Drive: Rs. 12,000
Google Drive: NA
P1: Anand Bhangariya
P2: Ankita Patni
P3: Raj Awate
P4: Harshad Jaju
Contact No.: 9011851796
Pen Drive: NA
Google Drive: Rs. 5,500
P1: Agrika Khatri
P2: Shivangi Aggarwal
P3: Nitin Guru & Vrinda Chugh
P4: Agrika Khatri
Contact No.: 9266816886
Pen Drive: Rs. 18,499
Google Drive: Rs. 16,499
P1: Gautam Bery
P2: Nitin Bhardwaj
P3: Aman Khedia
P4: Praveen Choudhary
Contact No.: 7793002007
Pen Drive: Rs. 46,000
Google Drive: Rs. 40,000
P1: Nitin Rastogi
P2: Piyush Karnani
P3: Mukesh Khandal & Nitin Rastogi
P4: Ankit Mundra
Contact No.: 9358900493
Pen Drive: NA
Google Drive: Rs. 19,000
P1: Siddhanth Sonthalia
P2: Anurag Sharma
P3: Siddhanth Sonthalia
P4: Tanish Mangal & Anurag Sharma
Contact No.: 8100300400
Pen Drive: NA
Google Drive: Rs. 18,000
P1: Manish Bhargawa
P2: Rajeev R Chaudhary
P3: Munish Sharma
P4: Sachin Gulati
Contact No.: 9821677735
Pen Drive: NA
Google Drive: Rs. 16,000
P1: Chetan Malik
P2: Shivangi Aggarwal
P3: Sunita Mittal
P4: Amandeep Kaur
Contact No.: 9821677735
Pen Drive: NA
Google Drive: Rs. 16,000
Tell us your reviews about the teachers listed above or suggest names that we could add to the list -
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