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CA Intermediate
Paper 2:
Corporate & Other Laws

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Ques 1.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Green Limited was held on 31.8.2022. Suppose the Chairman of the company after two days of AGM went abroad for next 31 days. Due to the unavailability of the Chairman, within time period prescribed for submission of copy of report of AGM with the registrar, the report as required was signed by two Directors of the company, of which one was additional Director of the company. Comment on the signing of this report of AGM.

(a) Yes, the signing is in order as the report can be signed by any director in the absence of Chairman.

(b) No, the signing is not in order as only the Chairman is authorized to sign the report

(c) Yes, the signing is in order, as in the absence of Chairman at least two directors should sign the report.

(d) No, the signing is not in order, since in case the Chairman is unable to sign, the report shall be signed by any two directors of the company, one of whom shall be the Managing director, if there is one and company secretary of the company

Ques 2.

Yellow Limited’s General Meetings are held at its registered office situated in Kochi. The minute book of General meetings of Yellow Limited will be kept at:

(a) That place where members of Yellow Limited will decide.

(b) That place where all employees of Yellow Limited will decide.

(c) Registered office of the company Yellow Limited.

(d) That place where senior officials of Yellow Limited will decide.

Ques 3.

Red Limited is accepting deposits of various tenures from its members from time to time. The current Register of Deposits, maintained at its registered office is complete. State the minimum period for which it should mandatorily be preserved in good order.

(a) Four years from the financial year in which the latest entry is made in the Register. 

(b) Six years from the financial year in which the latest entry is made in the Register.

(c) Eight years from the financial year in which the latest entry is made in the Register.

(d) Ten years from the latest date of entry

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