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We think that the right way to clear our CA exams is to work hard, finish the syllabus on time and revise it once. But sometimes, we tend to miss out on the most important factor that helps us reach the word ‘PASS’ - giving test papers.  We’ll answer all your questions to make you realize that giving mock papers before your exam is of utmost importance. 


 Start with revision test papers to get a grip on individual chapters and then move to mock test papers to win the race against time. Once you are done with the RTPs and MTPs, start solving past year papers from new to old ones. Additionally, you can give mock test series which means teachers would check and analyze your paper.


Because multiple attempts of mock tests help students revise the entire syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual exam. Managing time and formulating a technique is a result of serious practice. Understanding the art of writing answers and choosing amongst the options is developed over time.


 One should not wait for their entire syllabus to get over and should start giving chapter-wise revision papers to begin with. The right time to start giving full length paper would be the earlier of completion of 3/4th syllabus or 2 months left for exams.


 It is important to give at least 10 papers for each subject for you to master it. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is quality over quantity. Due analysis of every paper written should be done and every paper should be graded to check progress.

It is imperative to understand that giving papers of outdated syllabus or later than 4 attempts will only waste time. Thus, practice the recent year papers. We provide you the lists of past year papers, which are also available on ICAI, but we have done the research work for you and provide you all the papers at one place. We have also prepared a list of websites that provide test series. 

Start soon, analyze every paper and no, just skimming through the question paper doesn't count. Writing, and more importantly, writing with a timer of 3 hours and no distractions or help whatsoever is the only way to go.




CA Test Series

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