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Scope of CS

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Simply put, wherever there's law, there's a demand for company secretaries, in every personal and public sector enterprise. Company Secretary (CS) is one of the most and necessary officers of the corporation.  Law firms One can pick either to try and do a job or do their own practice or move abroad. A company secretary could be a senior position altogether in a listed Company or at every one other company having paid up capital of five crore or additional.  PCS firms:  PCS or Provincial civil service, is a civil body service underneath group A and group B of the state service of the executive branch of the government. CS is in practice referred to as Practising Company Secretaries (PCS). A PCS officer might hold varied posts at sub-divisional, district, divisional and state level from conducting revenue administration and maintenance of law and order. 

Listed companies: The primary role of a CS is maintaining the company's books of accounts, auditing the company's tax returns, advising the board of administrators regarding the legal and monetary risks of the corporate and making certain that the corporate complies with statutory rules. Private companies: A company secretary is accountable for making certain the smooth administration of the corporation. They typically assume responsibility for the subsequent vital areas: compliance with company governance and alternative monetary and legal regulations; provision of strategic recommendation to the company's board of administrators. Non banking monetary institutions:

A company secretary will assist and add value by Organisational governance, supporting and coordinating  with the chairman, supporting boards and committees processes ,ensuring board development,  maintaining communication with the stakeholders and maintaining reports of the corporate. Stock broker's firm: CS professionals are licensed to verify compliances and issue certificates underneath varied securities laws, SEBI regulations and guidelines, Listing agreements, etc. SEBI authorised the Practising Company Secretaries, amongst other Professionals to hold out audit of Investment Advisers on yearly basis. Office of liquidator, registrar of Companies: Liquidator could be a person formally appointed to 'liquidate' an organisation or firm. Their duty is to determine and settle the liabilities of an organisation or a firm. If there are any surplus, then those are distributed to the contributories. A CS will coordinate within the process of liquidation of the corporate as an insolvency officer.  The ROC takes care of registration of an organisation (also mentioned as incorporation of the company) within the country. It completes regulation and reporting of corporations and their shareholders and administrators and additionally administers government news of many matters which has the annual filing of various documents. Multinational companies: CS holds a really high rank or position in a firm and additionally comes right next to the corporate executive and decision maker, and whole-time administrators. Logistic Companies: Maintain relationships with carriers and customers. give exceptional client service to customers and carriers. Solve client and carrier issues and facilitate resolve problems. provide shipment quotes for purchasers and established shipments as required by customers. Import export homes etc: CS will give recommendation on matters relating to IPRs underneath the journeys Agreement of the WTO; Foreign national trading policy and procedures (also issuing certificates thereunder); Anti-dumping, subsidies & countervailing duties; Acting as a registered agent of trademarks; Licensing of property and drafting of agreements; Protection, management, audit and valuation of IPRs. GST Specialist Company Secretaries give added services to trade and trade by functioning as extended arms of regulatory mechanisms, with their experience within the interpretation of laws and skills in tackling and managing regulative compliances underneath GST. Enrollment as a GST professional is receptive to anyone who has passed the cs exam. Company Secretaries will assist business entities in decoding GST laws and effectively discharging numerous GST compliances

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