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Resume Hacks for an Article Trainee

1). Name

Use a bigger font than the rest of the document. . You can add some color or bold it

2). Title/ Heading

Match your title to the role and industry you are applying for.

3). Contact information

  • Provide your available phone number and professional email address.

  • Avoid giving an address

  • Adding your Linkedin Profile Link gives more advantage

4) .Summary Statement

Highlight the most valuable skills, qualifications. And your passion for a specific job. Integrate the right keyword from your JD(Job description)

5). Work Experience

Most of you would probably have no work experience. That’s fine. Even the recruiter knows that you are a fresher having no work experience.

However, if you have done any kind of internship, mention the same with how you contributed to them.

  • Use bullet points to mention multiple achievements if any

  • Keep it short.

  • Use resume verbs like facilitated, participated, contributed, or led.

If you search on google, you may find multiple articles on resume verbs. I recommend you to click here

6). Courses

You can take up courses that are useful to the domain you are going to opt for

Here are courses you can take up considering your interest :

  • Excel or other Microsoft Office Applications

  • Power BI

  • Power Pivot or Power Query

  • Financial Modelling (If you are interested, then take it as they do not expect you to know it)

  • Microsoft Access

  • Tally or Idea Software

  • Email Etiquettes

  • IndAS Courses if you applying for an auditing

  • Coding (not necessary tho)

Please understand that you do not have to take up all of these courses. But taking up Microsoft Office Software is a recommendation for everyone. So do take them up if you haven’t done so far.

There are some coaches which are providing you courses like Audit Masterclass or GST Masterclass. You may take them. But actually, you do not need to take them up because the recruiter simply doesn’t expect you to know how practically an audit is conducted. If you go through the audit syllabus and you are familiar with the audit fundamentals from your Inter Syllabus, don’t need to go for them.


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