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Personal development or personality development is one of the terms that students preparing for competitive exams hear frequently. This term's prominence is evidenced by its widespread use. The goal of personality development is not to broaden one's perspective. Also, achieving good grades is not personality development.

What is Personality Development?

Personality formation is a complex process that involves several different factors. Being aware of who you are is personality development. It contains all of your character features, as well as your strengths and shortcomings. Though examination comes with its own sets of constraints the one feature that is important in personality development is the acquiring of knowledge which highlights the importance of good intellect acting as the magical booster for the personality, also acting as an agent providing motive in your life.

How does Personality Development help a person?

Acquiring personal development is one aspect that everyone focuses to achieve as it is not an easy and free-flowing process and certainly has its course of time, patience and hard work.

1. Inculcation of ethics: exam time provides a platform for acquiring knowledge which facilitates the outcoming of ethics making us understand what is best for us and what is not, allowing us to express ourselves rightfully, it also helps us to reflect on what is right and wrong for us to choose from and opt for the best option possible.

2. Boosts Confidence: Confidence is one of the most important features when it comes to personality development and examination is one of the key tools that facilitate acquiring knowledge and memorising which reflects one's self-confidence while interacting or even while answering questions.

3. Makes one Disciplined: examination routine makes an individual more disciplined because it primarily focuses on helping to divide one’s schedule as well as managing it accordingly, providing a ground for dedication and persistence.

4. Enhancing organisational skills: the time constraining aspect of examination provides a field for the development of organisational skills which might include starting from clearing up the schedule and study space to managing the timetable to including goal setting, and strategic thinking and planning leading to a more structured and focused study schedule.

5. Enables time management: with limited time to prepare, through time management one can acquire strategic direction to focus on the schedule that provides a base for controlling time and completion of the syllabus.

Even though examination or assessment doesn't define who we are as individuals, it does give us a lot of scope to develop ourselves through the different features it provides, such as organizing, enabling a proper schedule, providing organisational skills, time management, inculcating ethics and whatnot. With exam season approaching, all we need to do is learn to approach it positively so that we may be at peace, keep an open mind, and improve our level of attention. In conclusion, the development of personality through examination or assessment can be characterised as a collection of characteristics that mould a person's inner and exterior being and create an organised pattern of behaviour that distinguishes a person from others.

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