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How to Revise in 1.5 days before CA Exam?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Having recently given my Intermediate exams, I came across something very new and unusual which set me back and caused a lot of distress. Having prepared my subjects with such determination, I had some key subjects I relied on helping me score better with utmost confidence of having no trouble revising these subjects. Unfortunately, when I used to sit down to revise, I seemed to have no recollection of any topic. The chapters I had studied so passionately, making notes and solving each question, now seem like something belonging to an alien planet. I was in disarray because this caught me off guard.

I came up with a plan which started to work for me and I would like to share the same with you.

Day 1: After giving the previous exam

Remember not to discuss or check what you did in the previous exam. Forget it and move on to the next.

Just after giving your exam, no one feels like studying. Especially, when you believe to have prepared for the next exam beforehand, you are confident that you can revise it in one day only. However, I think this 1/2 day is of utmost importance. We don't feel like studying and hence I suggest watching MARATHON lectures on Youtube.

If you are anything like me, believing your methods to be superior and not needing some random teacher to help you revise, you might be wrong, as I realized I was. Marathons are a great way to revise the entire syllabus and I would really suggest that you start your revision with this. Go against your instinct of following your own methods because I suffered a great deal because of this stubbornness. Increase the speed of watching the video and ensure that you invest that 5-6 hours and complete the marathon on this very day itself. Trust me, you will thank me later. Having realized the importance of marathons is the sole reason why I added a page of revision lectures on this website.

Day 2: One entire day of Revising

This day is very important and this is when you apply your own methods of revising. For tips, I believe you should start chapter-wise revision.

For theory subjects: Just read your notes once properly.

For practical subjects: Just read the important questions you previously marked in your books.

You won't get more time than this and hence the thought of doing something entirely new that day, should be ridiculed immediately. Revising practical subjects can be tricky because you feel like solving questions but I honestly have come to realize that you don't have time to do that. Just read your important questions which means while studying, make sure to mark your important questions.

Day 3: Few hours before the Exam

Don't think that you cannot revise on this day. First of all, if you were not able to revise few chapters before, don't worry, you have ample time to do it now. I did most of my revisions in the 4 hours before exams because my last day was spent being in a disarray. You should complete your marathon in case you haven't or complete your revision. In case you have done it all, you should do it again, just in a speedy mode. Flip through the pages again, skimming through the lines, taking mental pictures of the solutions. If you want you can watch the marathon again on 2x speed because that helps to revise rather quickly and wholesomely. Try and relax your mind after reaching the exam hall as it has to work hard for the next three hours.

Trust me when I say this, it won't matter how much you have studied before if you don't revise a day before. What you write in your paper is mostly what you revise a day before and failing to use these days will be a great regret later!

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Keshav Gupta
Keshav Gupta
Jul 23, 2021

Nicely Written!

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