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How to prepare for an Articleship interview

Once you appear for CA Intermediate, you should start preparing for interviews. Most of you would probably have the first interview encounter. You might be worried as to how the interview will turn out to be and whether I will make it to Big 4 or not.

In this blog, we'll see how to prepare for articleship interview

Before everything else, make sure you prepare your resume well. To know about resume making, click here

Rounds in Articleship

Aptitude test - basically involves all the current affairs, lateral thinking, puzzles, basics of auditing, taxation, and accounting. If you get through the test, you are allowed to 2nd round.

Group Discussion- focuses mostly on your communication skills, your scope of perspective, interaction with others.

First Mover Advantage plays a major role in group discussion. Make sure you last impression even if you don’t get first chance.

Technical round— focuses mostly on job criteria and revolves around it. But it is like viva with a senior person from that field .

If you have scored either rank or exemption in a particular paper, they'd expect you to know more about that subject. KEEP THAT IN MIND

During this round the interviewer is well aware of the fact that you don’t possess any practical knowledge or experience, so he/she will focus more on study-related topics, especially from the Intermediate syllabus. I recommend you go through the syllabus thoroughly for this round. Most of your interview results will be determined from this round. 1. Question from Intermediate syllabus

2. Accounting standards

3. Standards of accounting

4. Income tax provisions like basic exemption limits, deductions, and TDS provisions.

5. They may ask questions related to Return filing due dates and Advance tax due dates..etc

6. They will expect the basics of GST

7. Sections of Company Audit

HR Round

- Here comes the most important part, Though HR asks general questions he would like to hear the answers in a different way.

Communication skills, way of expressions, gestures, and postures play an important role in this round. If HR thinks you are feeling a bit nervous, you are out of the competition

Some of the commonly asked questions:-

Q1. Why should we hire you?

Q2. Tell us about your ability to work under pressure.

Q3. What are your expectations from this Job?

Q4. What is your strength?

Q5 what is your weakness?

Q5. How many attempts did you take to complete your CA Final?

Q6. What is your priority – Company or Money?

Q7. You have consistently failed five times. Why should we hire you when we have an option between you and a rank holder?

Q8 Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years down the line?

Q9 If you are a girl, you may be asked, “As a girl, how would you manage to be on an off-station audit?” Make sure you prepare well for grilling questions.

These questions can be asked in a direct manner or in a twisted way.

Some of these questions can be followed up for details to test your personality and interpersonal communication skills. We advise you to go through your CV thoroughly and stick to it.

Partner round—

If you have cleared the above rounds, CONGRATS you have been selected because this round is just for formality.

Make sure you remain confident throughout this round to last a good impression on partner as well.

Interview Tips:-

1. Read your CV thoroughly. Eg - you wrote I love reading books, an interviewer can ask which is the recent book you read. Make sure you don’t lie in your resume. And if you have, make sure you prepare for the same.

2. Brush up your HR Questions - Tell me something about yourself, Why should I hire you, Where do you see 10 years down the line. Why KPMG ?

3. Read a little about current affairs - Article 370, Triple Talaaq, etc., or what is recently going on?. They won’t judge you on current affairs. If you know them, it would last a good impression on them.

4. They will ask do you mind traveling outstation or sitting late. - Just say yes at the time of selection.

5. If you have mentioned something like “I know Excel and Tally”. Make sure you actually know

  • Commonly Used Functions like Sumif, Countif, Vlookup, Trim, Concatenate, Datedif, Text, Date Functions, Averageif, Iferror, If, or other similar functions

  • Pivot Table

  • Chart and Pivot charts

  • Printing

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Data visualization in Excel using Slicer and Timeline

Any new law or judgment is also something asked commonly. Make it a point to read one week’s newspapers before you go.

What should you carry in interview ?

Only your CV is enough. And if they have asked you to carry any specific document take that.

Interview Etiquettes

The most important thing in an interview is how you behave in front of the interviewer. So;

  • Dress formally. No bold accessories or hairstyle.

  • When entering the cabin, knock on the door and ask may I come in.

  • Greet every member with good morning sir/madam per

  • Don’t sit unless they ask for the same. However, if it is too, ask “May I sit Ma’am/Sir politely.

  • Be confident while answering

  • Don't hesitate in giving answers

  • Don't bluff

  • Sit straight with your spine straight and legs uncrossed.

  • Don't tap on the table or shake your

  • If you don't know the answer, just tell them I don't know. If they tell you to guess then only guess.

Once the interview is done, greet them by saying thank you, nice to meet you, etc.


  • Show on time

  • Be a good listener

  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer. Let them ask and then answer.

  • Thank them before the interview begins and once it is over.

  • Turn off the cell phone

Try your best and I am sure you will get in wherever you want. All the best!

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