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5 Questions to ask Interviewer

Towards the end of the interview, the interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions for us?"

This is probably the most tricky question to answer. Most of us reply, "No, Thank you, Sir !"

But if you ask questions, it shows your curiosity towards the job role. And most of us ask "How much amount would I receive in hand every month"?

This is actually not the right question to ask. You definitely are more interested to know your salary. But this is not the positive end to the interview. PLEASE DO NOT ASK THIS QUESTION

Why should you ask questions ?

Asking questions helps in showing interest in the job. There would be many candidates who might be as good as you and some might even be better than you.

But they are looking for somebody who is not only fit for the role but also passionate about the job you are applying to.

Also, asking questions leaves a lasting impression upon the interviewer.

5 Questions to ask

Here are 5 questions you may ask your interviewer :

Question #1: Is there anything about my background or resume that makes you question whether I am a good fit for this role?

Question #2: How can I prepare myself better for this job?

Question #3: What is the typical progression like for a fresher?

Question #4: May I ask what do you like working in this company?

Let's say you visited the interviewer's profile on Linkedin and the interviewer has been in the company for decades or so. You may also ask, " You have been in this company for the past 20 years. What do you like about this company ?"

Question # 5: If I am successful, when will I be informed about the next steps

Please make sure you do not ask this question if the interviewer has already informed you that we will notify you of the next steps.

Bonus Tip

Do not ask only 1 question because it shows that you are asking a question just because you asked to do so.

Also, be polite. Don't make it sound like you are superior or leader.

Practice body knowledge before you finally ask during the interview.

Ending Note

Please make sure you end the interview with a positive note.

Once the interview ends, greet them and you may say,

" Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing the next steps of interview"

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