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CS Professional Registration

Before registering for the CS Professional exam, candidates should refer to the eligibility criteria requirements set of ICSI officially. The only and basic CS Professional eligibility criteria is qualifying the CS Executive exams (both modules) with the minimum passing marks prescribed by ICSI. Presently, to qualify the CS Executive exam candidates need to secure minimum 40% marks in each subject and an aggregate of 50% marks overall.

Detailed Procedure for Registration

Step 1 - Go to the official website of ICSI -

Step 2 - Click on the link “Online Services” given in the menu bar of the home page Step 3 - Now click on the option “Student Portal” and log in to your ICSI account. Enter your Username and Password, proceed forward.

Step 4 - Once logged in, select the option Students and click on “My Account”. Step 5 - Now look for the option “Professional Registration” as shown in the given image and fill the application form in online mode. Step 6 - You will find your details in your account. Now upload the pass mark sheet of both modules of CS Executive exam. Step 7 - Complete the CS Professional registration fee payment of Rs. 12000. The payment can be done through Credit Card / Debit Card / NetBanking.

Step 8 - Now you are successfully registered for the CS Professional exam. Go to the “Others” option and download Registration Letter / E-Identity Card.

Registration Details

Fees: ​CS Professional Education Fees (12,000) + Pre- Exam test fees (1000)= 13,000


Candidates who are not able to qualify for all the exams within the five years period are eligible for Registration De Novo. It has to be sought within a maximum period of five years after the expiry of their registration failing which the benefits accrued under the said registration gets cancelled and the candidate has to seek fresh registration and have to start ab initio.

Registration De Novo Fees:

Candidates may apply for registration de-novo within two years of the expiry of the former registration: 2000

If candidates fail to apply for De Novo within 2 years, then they can still seek registration de-novo within a maximum period of five years from the expiry of former registration: 3000


This method is specifically for such candidates who are not able to seek Registration De novo after passing the CS Executive exam under the various Syllabi introduced by the ICSI from time to time.

Re-Registration to CS Professional Programme: 12000

CS Professional Continuation of Registration - This is for candidates who have passed CS Professional exams, their registrations have expired but are yet to comply with all “Training Requirements” to become entitled to become a Member of ICSI. For continuation of registration, such candidates have to submit Rs. 1000 every year.

Time Gap between CS Professional and Exam Form:

To appear in all modules of the exam after registration: At least 9 months of gap

To appear in one module of the exam after registration: At least 6 months of gap


Q. Is it mandatory for candidates registered under the CS Professional 2017 new syllabus to successfully complete an online pre-exam test to become eligible for appearing in the main examinations?

A. As per the new guidelines of ICSI, candidates registered under the New Syllabus or those who are switching over from Old Syllabus 2012 to New Syllabus 2017 are required to successfully complete a pre-exam-test become eligible for enrolling in the main CS Professional 2022 examinations.

Q. Can I change my CS Professional elective subjects after registration also?

A. Yes, you can change your elective subjects at the time of filling the exam application form.

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