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CFA Scholarship

CFA Course Scholarships Access Scholarship The Access Scholarship CFA Program is designed for students who cannot afford the CFA program fees. With this scholarship, the candidate only needs to pay a balance $250 How to avail this CFA scholarship: To avail this scholarship you will be expected to submit and state all of your financials, for example: family income and the current assets of your family. Additionally, you need to write an essay which states why you as a candidate deserve this scholarship. Women’s Scholarship The Women’s Scholarship Program, as the name suggests, is specifically designed to encourage women to sign up for the CFA program. Under this scholarship program, the candidate will only have to pay 350 USD as exam registration fees which is usually $900. The enrollment fee of $350 is completely waived off as well. How to avail this CFA scholarship: To be eligible for this CFA scholarship, you need to be a woman who isn’t eligible for any other CFA scholarship. You must not apply for the CFA program until you receive your scholarship award. Professor Scholarship If the candidate is currently working as a professor at a college or a university and teaches subjects like finance, economics, business, or any of the topics from the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK). Under the Professor Scholarship Program, the candidate is only required to pay 350 USD as registration fees. How to avail this CFA scholarship: To avail this scholarship the candidate must be a full time professor, administration or department head at college or university. He should have the minimum number of credit hours for the scholarship eligibility. Regulator Scholarship A Regulator Scholarship is designed for those working in a company that is responsible for overlooking the standards of practice or business conduct of the investment management industry. This could include financial regulators, central banks, securities commissions, stock exchanges, SROs and/or government entities that have an agreement with the CFA Institute. With this scholarship, the candidate’s registration fees is reduced to 350 USD.

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