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CFA Scholarship

Access Scholarship 

  • Exam fee reduced to USD 250

  • Eligible for all those who are eligible to pursue the CFA program

  • Currently registered students ineligible to apply

  • A personal statement needs to be submitted explaining why you need the charter, how is it going to help you, what are your academic background, Your current education, and your working status.

  • If the current employer is providing any financial assistance to pursue CFA, then you become ineligible to apply

  • The candidate needs to disclose if any conflict of interest is prevailing against him -Such as – Candidate being a or having a close association with an officer or employee of CFA Institute and local CFA Institute member society or if he is sanctioned by CFA Institute professional conduct.

  • If a candidate has applied for the scholarship, and while the results are pending in the mid-time he gets himself registered with CFA institute, this will indicate his ability to pay fees and the scholarship application will hence get voided.

Woman Scholarship 

  • Exam fee reduced to USD 350

  • Eligible for all those women who are eligible to pursue CFA program and do not qualify for other cfa scholarships and have not registered yet.

Student Scholarship 

Professor Scholarship

  • Exam fee reduced to USD 350

  • For full-time college/university professors or administrators/department heads who teach a minimum number of credit hours at qualified institutions and have not yet registered for their next exam.

  • An online application accompanied with an English language letter, CV, and employment verification need to be submitted for the same.

Regulator Scholarship

  • Exam fee reduced to USD 350

  • Those entities that oversee or regulate investment management industry and they also come in program agreement with CFA insitutue,such institutions are awarded with scholarship.These institutions then nominate the employees who they think deserve to win the scholarship.

  • Aspirants need to reach out their HRs to find out if their organization is receiving any such benefit or can directly mail the insititute to enquire if their organisation is involved with the scholarship program.In case his organisation is not a participant of scholarship program then you can provide the contact details of sutiable senior whom the institute can approach for getting into a scholarship tie up.

Media Scholarship

  • Exam fee reduced to USD 350.

  • Full-time or contract employees of media organizations that communicate and distribute financial news, data, and education and have not yet registered for their next exam.

  • To apply for the same fill the application along with attaching an emplyement verification letter and current samples of your work.

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