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Principles and Practice of Accounting

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(a) Give necessary journal entries for the forfeiture and re-issue of shares:

(i) Suresh Ltd. forfeited 300 shares of ` 10 each fully called up, held by Ramesh for non-payment of allotment money of ` 3 per share and final call of ` 4 per share. He paid the application money of ` 3 per share. These shares were re-issued to Mahesh for ` 8 per share.

(ii) Mr. P, who was the holder of 2,500 preference shares of ` 100 each, on which ` 70 per share has been called up, could not pay his dues on Allotment and First call each at ` 20 per share. The Directors forfeited the above shares and reissued 2,000 of such shares to Mr. Q at ` 60 per share paid-up as ` 70 per share. (10 Marks)


(b) On 1st April, 2020, Sky ltd. took over assets of ` 4,50,000 and liabilities of ` 60,000 of Universe Ltd. for the purchase consideration of ` 4,40,000. It paid the purchase consideration by issuing 8% debentures of ` 100 each at 10% premium. On the same date it issued another 3,000,8% debentures of ` 100 at discount of 10% redeemable at the premium of 5% after 5 years. According to the terms of the issue ` 30 is payable on application and the balance on the allotment of debenture. You are required to pass journal entries in the books of Sky ltd. for financial year 2020-21. (5 Marks)

(c) Explain in brief objectives of preparing Trial Balance. Or What are the rules of posting of journal entries into the Ledger? Explain in brief. (5 Marks)

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